Thu, 11 Jul 2024

Te Kaha Stadium - Site Visit with Minister of Building and Construction and Ilam MP

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A look inside Christchurch’s new stadium with the Minister of Building and Construction and Ilam MP

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Te Kaha Stadium is coming together quickly, and recently our own CEO Quin Henderson welcomed the Minister of Building and Construction, Hon Chris Penk, and Ilam MP Hamish Campbell to the site for their first look inside the 30,000-seat stadium.

Richard Jack, Southbase Construction Director for Te Kaha Stadium gave an impressive overview of the progress to date, upcoming key milestones, and the success of the partnership with international company BESIX Watpac.

With the main structure of the stadium taking shape, the progress is undeniable and both Hon Chris Penk and Hamish Campbell were impressed with the state of the site. Their visit marks the approximate halfway point of construction with the overall project still solidly on track for a 2026 completion.