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Project risk analysis

Every project’s risk management process will vary, but below are key steps Preformance can implement based on their real-world experience of identifying and managing risks throughout all stages of project lifecycles.

Risk identification

Preformance will assist your project team and stakeholders to identify and record the risks applicable to your project, which can be implemented through all stages of the project - feasibility, design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance.

Risk response

Formulating a comprehensive risk response will allow the project team to manage, mitigate, transfer or accept risks based on the probability assessment via the Monte Carlo report. From this, the team can formulate a plan in accordance with the associated risk cost profile.

Risk evaluation

In line with the aforementioned services such as construction methodology advice, cost planning and procurement, once the project risks have been identified, they can be prioritised and assessed so their potential impact can be valued and mitigation strategies developed.

Preformance utilises real-world experience and knowledge, coupled with the latest Monte Carlo risk analysis software to calculate the risk probability and potential outcomes to the project, which can then be adequately planned for and appropriate risk mitigation measures implemented.

Risk monitoring and reporting

Ongoing and regular risk monitoring and reporting is critical for the project wellbeing at governance level. Regular monthly reports constantly assess the current and potential project risks over the project duration providing visibility and avoidance mitigations across all time, cost and quality aspects of your project.

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