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How we add value

Pre-construction services (PCS)

Engaging the Southbase Construction team in the early stages of the project cycle enables the greatest value to be added to your team and project.

Southbase Construction has built several meaningful relationships with the wider industry which are leveraged to your advantage. Paired with their innovative engineering and design capabilities, Southbase Construction is able to add value upfront that ultimately influences long term cost benefits by improving quality and constructability. 

Their pre-construction services are centered around collaboration and building strong relationships upfront to collectively deliver exceptional project outcomes.

Southbase Construction’s pre-construction services offering includes:

General outcomes

Develop a culture which promotes a cohesive ‘one-team’ approach;

Deliver all client and stakeholder project objectives – including physical accommodation requirements and aspirational objectives which may result from this key project;

Manage all stakeholders in a professional manner and ensure their operations are not adversely impacted by the project;

Deliver the desired scope within the approved project budget;

Develop a design and construction methodology which ensures all long term objectives are met;

Develop the design to achieve maximum value while exceeding all functional requirements as outlined in the scope;

Produce a design that meets all project design objectives – including aesthetics, functionality and cost effectiveness, upfront and life cycle costs.

Budget outcomes

Seek to eliminate or mitigate risk (and associated costs) during the PCS phase, by thorough investigation of in-ground conditions and in- ground services infrastructure; 

Undertake early works or other enabling works where possible to accelerate project completion;

Buildability improvements that save initial cost and reduce time, saving on preliminaries;

Reduction in financing costs due to time savings.

Construction outcomes

Achieve or better the agreed programme;

Avoid contractual issues through collaborative problem solving and open communication;

A quality product that is robust and aesthetically desirable;

Delivery of the project with minimal impact to the surrounding environments;

Minimise dust, noise, and vibration impacts by consideration of construction methodology, plant and equipment, and traffic access.

PCS - key activities

Key activities which Southbase Construction expects to undertake in a PCS contractor role include: 

Design management – to develop the design efficiently and effectively in a fast-track design and construct approach;

Programme management – to develop a rational programme which minimises impact to the existing facility;

Cost management – to maximise value for money for our clients;

Construction planning / methodology refinement – to deliver a high-quality facility to the highest safety standards.

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