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Construction methodology advice

Overall project success relies on a robust construction methodology sequence as the correct planning will influence items such as site logistics, seismic solutions, temporary works, material selection, plant and machinery requirements and ultimately the procurement process.

The Preformance team has the experience to undertake all studies needed to formulate a plan which will enable the stakeholders to establish the viability of their development and generate the efficiencies required to produce a sustainable, complementary build solution with minimal impact on the environment.

Site logistics

Utilisation of drone deploy technology offers the ability to scan the site and its surrounding adjacencies which allows for accurate measurement of building footprint overlays. 

This then informs the ability to layout the overall site from a logistics and site safety perspective, which is imperative to the selection of plant and equipment and their subsequent movements onsite.

Seismic solutions and temporary works

Often the seismic solution and temporary works resolution becomes the greatest influencer on how a structure is built.

Preformance’s in-house team offers the experience of having designed and constructed using the latest seismic technology and as such knows the constraints and limitations associated with the utilisation of these products.

Plant and machinery selection

The construction methodology will be reliant on the correct selection of the plant and machinery required to construct your project. 

Preformance has access to the latest industry supplier portals which, via the use of the Autodesk draughting suite, can accurately plan all plant and machinery movements along with cranage - vital to informing the supply for creating a collaborative working environment.

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