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Digital asset management

The ability to manage a built asset efficiently and effectively requires accurate, trustworthy, and accessible data. Building Information Modelling (BIM) procedures allow Preformance to align stakeholder deliverables in a controlled setting, letting the team collaborate on creating a digital asset of their portfolio to utilise throughout its lifecycle. 

Preformance has also supported clients to deliver digital asset management ‘soft-landings’ in different projects and sectors.

Metadata management strategy planning

Preformance leverages previous project experience and Autodesk Construction Cloud platforms to provide asset management requirement solutions for clients. 

They have deployed solutions encompassing asset management software, smart sensor devices, artificial intelligence and machine learning within infrastructure, construction and education industries. 

This puts Preformance in a good position to offer metadata management strategy and deployment advice.

IoT sensor

With the IoT sensor data collection from the Preformance technology sensor, the team is able to identify the environmental conditions within facilities (humidity, temperature, noise or air quality) allowing managers to guarantee their commercial spaces a level of comfort. 

The sensor can also be configured to track crowd behaviour or space utilisation.

Facilities management

The BIM model, as well as the associated library of products and equipment information, maintenance manuals, warranties, and inspection information, can be used by facility managers and owners to manage their buildings and perform routine maintenance operations. 

The building operation team can use Preformance’s augmented reality software to support the facility management process.

Energy monitoring and NabersNZ accreditation

Once a building is operational significant gains can be made if continued monitoring and assessment is undertaken. 

Preformance’s sensors provide real time data on sustainability outcomes in boardroom friendly formats. 

The team can also support the process of NabersNZ accreditation.

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