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Key services

Design and build

Integrating the wider Southbase Group’s construction knowledge in the initial design phase increases efficiencies in the overall construction process and streamlines the build programme created for your project. 

Through the Group’s experience as a design and construction partner on multiple commercial developments, the Southbase Construction team has a sound knowledge of the delivery timeframes and challenges for the design consultants and associated supply chain. 

This is leveraged to integrate essential design roles, creating opportunities for early collaboration of functionality and design system alignment strategies, such as piling, structural steel, exterior envelope systems, and building services.

Subcontracting partners

Southbase Construction maximises their trade resources, in-house support systems, nationwide distribution of industry experts, and A-grade supply chain. 

They have over 2,500 supply partners nationwide, with a dependable and highly responsive network. 

With this strong supply chain and network, Southbase Construction can provide you with the confidence that they have the ability, resources and capacity to meet the most challenging construction programmes and deliver a standout end-to-end solution.

Construction and delivery

The Southbase Construction team bring expertise, passion, and grit to the construction and delivery phase of a project, while the management and delivery teams have the technical skills and commercial understanding to execute and drive efficiencies. 

Southbase Construction engages effectively with sub-contractors, project teams, and clients to create a safe, tidy, and highly productive site where collaboration, mutual respect, and professionalism characterise the culture. 

The commitment to on-time and on-budget delivery motivates each individual and the team.

Concrete and carpentry

Southbase Construction has ample capacity to meet your needs, with a nationwide team of seasoned professionals. 

This experienced team is available, fully resourced, and committed to providing you with the specialist expertise projects require. 

Supporting this nationwide branch network Southbase Construction currently has a direct and indirect workforce of approximately 100 skilled resources in the concrete and carpentry trades.

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