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Collaborative contracting

A significant advantage of a collaborative contract model is the ability to bring delivery experience into the design team.

The Southbase Construction team will work with you to:
  • Provide management of the current structural designers, civil designers, and landscaping designers while working in conjunction with the architects and other consultants such as the fire, acoustic, and M&E designers. 
  • Ascertain site logistics, including, accessibility around the building platform, accessibility to and from the site, optimising crane position for efficient and safe lifting, optimising material deliveries, and reducing trucking movements to and from site to minimise the impact to surrounding residents and the environment.
  • Develop a building sequence cognisant of the staging requirements by completing sample homes and apartments early to provide viewings and marketing information.
  • Reduce ‘design on site’. Utilise the wealth of construction experience within Southbase Group’s wider organisation to identify architectural, structural, and services stalemates/omissions early in the design for resolution ahead of construction, i.e. ‘buildability’. 
  • Suggest product selection in line with latest building innovations. 
  • Provide historical solutions that avoid reinvention.
  • Deploy overarching health and safety in design - not just limited to construction but for the lifetime of the building.

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