Inclusion and diversity

We insist on inclusivity in all areas of our work.

It’s important at Southbase Group that all our people feel welcome and included in the workplace.

We have created a unique company culture that recognises and celebrates the variety of people in the workforce – be that defined by gender, ethnicity, age, sexuality, disability, experience and/or religion.


of our workforce are women.


nationalities are represented in our workforce


of our workforce identify as Māori and Pasifika

Through our recruitment, induction, learning and development, feedback and career conversations, we have worked hard to create an environment where awareness, respect and inclusiveness are embedded into our thinking.

Southbase Group has a comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion Policy to reinforce our commitment to providing opportunities within our industry for Māori, Pasifika, women, and youth.

In addition to our current intake of cadets and apprentices, we are also working with Tertiary providers to align our brand with their student community, and are exploring a number of scholarship opportunities.

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We have 16+ nationalities represented in our workforce. And we are also a support partner with Tupu Toa to be able to bring more Māori and Pasifika graduates into our businesses by 2025.

Cultural confidence training

Understanding our country’s heritage helps us nurture its future. That’s why Southbase Group is committed to continuing education in Iwi Engagement and Te Ao Māori. We recognise the importance of understanding cultural differences in terms of attitudes, behaviours, protocols, hierarchies, values and principles, so that we can engage positively and respectfully with our Māori employees, clients, and the wider community.

Our training is championed by our executive team, who participate in and complete an Iwi Engagement Workshop delivered by recognised cultural advisors. Along with this training, we work with supplier diversity intermediary Amotai to support our commercial engagements.

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