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Southbase Group purchased Innofab (formerly Concision Panelised Technology) in 2022 to align with our sustainability goals of ‘building better’ in a controlled environment resulting in high quality product, less waste and defects, with a stronger health and safety focus.

The Innofab system is New Zealand’s largest pre- fabrication manufacturing operation and produces timber framed NZ3604 and engineer designed homes and buildings. The system incorporates finished floors, walls (including windows, doors, and all behind-the- wall services) and roof systems for rapid assembly on site. Utilising world-class German manufacturing technology, the Innofab system can manufacture in factory, a 120m2 house in one day and erect this to a weather-tight status post foundation, also in one day.

  • Innofab uses technology during design and detailing to ensure accuracy, reducing waste by cutting panels to the exact length.
  • While Innofab works off site, projects can continue simultaneously, reducing on-site activities such as noise, ground disturbance and vehicle movements.
  • Waste and disruption are further reduced when components and building arrive on site near completion.
  • Design and detailing – computer-generated accuracy reduces waste by ensuring panels are cut to exact length.
  • In-factory construction – work runs parallel to site preparation resulting in a reduction of waste and on- site activities such as noise, ground disturbance, and vehicle movements.
  • On-site installation – arriving on site with a nearly completed project results in less construction waste, and less disruption to the surrounding area.
  • LVL timber is also used to create a stronger structure that is less likely to bow or twist over time as well as being recyclable and renewable.

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Visit the Innofab website to learn more.