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Planning and resource scheduling

Preformance utilises the full spectrum of planning resources currently available within the industry including 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8D planning. 

This incorporates not only time, cost and quality, but also the whole-of-life aspects of your project, which once completed, can be run through Monte Carlo software to incorporate all of the aforementioned aspects and identify the risk and opportunities associated with them.

Planning / programming

Whether it be via use of Preformance’s in-house programming or in collaboration with an external planner, Preformance can fully integrate the BIM model with the programme to illustrate real-time progress on-site against the agreed contract schedule, providing an honest and no-surprises reporting tool that the whole project team will benefit from.

Preformance’s Cost-X software will also incorporate the project monthly cashflow within the model which in turn can be broken down into material allotments for integration into the programme to give a true reflection of project cashflow.

This service can also provide trade resourcing requirements and histogram reports to illustrate peaks and troughs which will assist in providing mitigation strategies to best control these issues, should they occur.

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