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About Southbase Group

We are a group of independent specialist companies connecting expertise across the entire construction lifecycle. We combine technology with proven experience to find and produce solutions that deliver sustainable value economically, environmentally and socially.

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Think differently. Find better ways. Explore opportunity. Unleash potential. Create value. Our ambition today could transform tomorrow.

Our approach

Southbase Group has a national footprint and end-to-end capabilities across our companies; from project feasibility, productivity and cost management to construction, right through to asset management at the other end. Find out how we optimise transparency and efficiency, and deliver beyond what you think is possible.


Southbase Group is led by people who have been instrumental in shaping the industry over the past 30 years. Around our board, advisory group and management table we have significant depth and credibility that reflects a combination of industry knowledge, specialist expertise and overall commercial acumen.

Taking care of our people

We support our employees through any and all mental, emotional and physical obstacles they may face. We also follow carefully considered health and safety policies and protocols to mitigate the potential risks associated with construction.

Comprehensive wellness

A culture of family and care is nurtured in our offices and on our sites to ensure everyone is supported to be their best as a person, not just as an employee. Our wellbeing programme addresses not only physical, but mental, social and spiritual wellbeing too.

Inclusion and diversity

We have 16+ nationalities represented in our workforce. And we are also a support partner with Tupu Toa to be able to bring more Māori and Pasifika graduates into our businesses by 2025.

Innovation and technology

The construction industry is incredibly dynamic. We’ve been there to see it all unfold and harness those opportunities. Find out how we use technology and innovation to not only solve challenges and realise complex projects, but to guide the way we lead and transform the construction sector for good.

‘Beyond compliance’

We take a ‘beyond compliance’ approach to sustainability. We value the lives and landscapes we are a part of. The importance of environmental care and responsibility is ingrained into our culture and operational standards. Practical energy efficiency and waste management initiatives in our offices and project sites include:

Positive community impact

We’re conscious of our impact on communities so we make sure it’s positive. We are actively involved in social and commercial initiatives that support regional growth and development around New Zealand.