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Preformance is an independent project advisory company.

Preformance leverages technology, innovative thinking and decades of real-world construction expertise to solve complex challenges and gain cost efficiencies whilst reducing and managing risk.

An innate understanding of construction materials and methodology means a ‘whole-of-project’ perspective is taken from the outset. This results in achievable designs with the robust construction sequences and the correct planning necessary to deliver above expectations, on time and on budget.

Right from the feasibility stage, the Preformance design management team works closely with clients and industry partners to determine individual project goals, deadlines and requirements. On offer is a comprehensive range of design management services that can be customised according to individual client and project needs.


Core services

Design management

The Preformance team bring decades of real-world construction experience and leading technical skills into the design phase to achieve tightly integrated programmes, cost efficiencies and reduced risk on site. The entire design process is managed for clients, right through to authority approvals. And the team’s deep knowledge of construction materials and methodology offers the benefit of a ‘whole-of-project’ perspective from the outset, ensuring a cohesive, collaborative and enjoyable client experience.

Sustainability services

Preformance can help you achieve sustainability goals with your current or future assets by measuring the environmental impact of designs or existing buildings; providing embodied carbon or full life cycle assessments to compare options; or guiding you through formal accreditations such as Home Star or NabersNZ.

BIM and building technology

Viewing projects in virtual and augmented reality throughout the design and construction phases allows the front footing and resolution of issues early – saving you time and money – without compromising on delivery excellence. This technology is also used to form the basis of future asset management. Preformance will help you establish a project BIM brief and execution plan, review the project BIM model and set up a common data environment.

Construction methodology advice

Overall project success relies on a robust construction methodology sequence. 

Correct planning influences site logistics, seismic solutions, temporary works, material selection, plant and machinery requirements and ultimately the procurement process. Preformance undertakes all studies needed to establish viability and generate efficiencies for a sustainable complementary build solution with minimal impact on the environment.

Planning and resourcing scheduling

Preformance uses the full spectrum of planning resources including 3, 4 and 5D planning which incorporates not only time, cost and quality, but also the whole-of-life aspects of your project.

Cost planning advice

To deliver on-budget takes more than just a good design; it also needs an achievable project timeline. This service provides robust cost planning advice using Cost-X along with the 3D BIM model to ensure the design and budget align and integrate with construction programming and build methodologies.

Project risk analysis

Preformance’s real-world experience is invaluable in identifying and managing risks throughout all stages of the project lifecycles. 

This is done in partnership with your project team and stakeholders using real time risk analysis models to suit the project’s needs, e.g., Monte Carlo risk analysis software, which is an important tool and calculator for the more complex projects like PPP, biosciences and healthcare builds.

Project scanning and capture

Using laser scanning, drones, UAV and robots, Preformance creates a ‘digital twin’ of your building or site that can be used throughout the project for analysis, communication and to make optimal design decisions.

Digital asset management

In order to manage your built assets efficiently and effectively, Preformance applies real-world construction experience along with leading technology such as IoT sensors and the BIM model to create a ‘digital twin’. 

They are also experienced in supporting clients to deliver digital asset management ‘soft- landings’ in different projects and sectors.

Key contacts

Jon Sinclair Digital Services Director
Jonathan Sinclair

Digital Services Director


Heath Turnbull Technical Director EDITS FA WEB
Heath Turnbull

Technical Director


Benny Huang
Benny Huang

Construction Technologies Director


Kishan Seger Technical Director
Kishan Seger

Technical Director


Ben Lin BIM Coordinator
Ben Lin

BIM Coordinator

Ben Henderson Design Manager Coordinator EDITS FA WEB
Ben Henderson

Sustainability in Design Manager

Danny Kim Design Manager
Danny Kim

Design Manager

Egor Jivick Design Manager
Egor Jivick

Design Manager

Gabi Piassum BIM Coordinator
Gabi Piassum

BIM Coordinator

Isaac Holden Design Manager EDITS FA WEB
Isaac Holden

Design Manager

Jarred Lewis Design Manager
Jarred Lewis

Design Manager

P74682 Southbase Headshot edits Jonathon Dutton
Jonathon Dutton

BIM Manager

Kat Nelson Design Manager
Kat Nelson

Design Manager

Maja Gibowicz Design Manager
Maja Gibowicz

Design Manager

Samantha Henson Design Coordinator
Samantha Henson

Design Coordinator

Sadique Anam grey
Sadique Anam

BIM Manager

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