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Management systems

Management systems that support projects all the way from concept to completion are the backbone of any successful construction company and Southbase Construction is no different.

A heavy investment in support structures, technology, training and systems ensure obligations are met from a legislative perspective but also from a stakeholders perspective. Southbase Construction’s systems are subject to regular self and external audit and they are ISO accredited. 

With ongoing changes in legislation, technology and best practice, The Southbase Construction team are constantly challenging themselves to find efficiencies and improvements. 

Risk identification and management

A key focus for the company at all reporting levels is the identification and management of risk. Risk awareness, identification and management is being done in all levels of the business and is under constant review to ensure adherence to best industry practice and to ensure a no surprises approach.  Reporting is pulled through from project level to regional leadership teams through the executive leadership team and ultimately to the Board to ensure staff at all levels are engaged in proactively considering and managing risk. The National Compliance Manager regularly attends audit and risk meetings to report on existing operational procedures and policies and what is in place to manage contract compliance, project audit, risk, and ongoing liabilities. 

Southbase Construction take an open and proactive approach to risk identification and management, promoting the use of a comprehensive risk and opportunities register to document all potential risks or opportunities relating to the project along with suggested mitigation strategies and potential project outcomes. The risk and opportunities register is used internally for the control of contractor-owned risks and is a living document, updated regularly and submitted as a key part of our internal monthly reports. It is reviewed by the Regional Management Team to ensure correct control measures are in place to minimise or mitigate potential risks to the project. The controls are then monitored until all risks are closed out. Southbase Construction also use the risk and opportunities register to communicate all potential project risks and opportunities to the principal and project team. Southbase Construction uses lessons learned from past projects to continuously improve risk management processes.

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