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OSM benefits

Innofab helps you build better and faster. Integration of Innofab’s high-speed, high-quality production into the building supply chain has many benefits for the construction industry and for New Zealanders. 

Utilising innovative OSM technology results in faster build times, higher quality, improved consistency, increased worksite safety, and less environmental impact for your build.


Innofab’s digital technology ensures accuracy at every stage of your project’s lifecycle, from manufacturing to on-site installation. 

Innofab’s 3-dimensional software creates an accurate visualisation and generates technical drawings for fabrication before manufacturing. 

Their innovative technology eliminates human error through producing dimensionally accurate panels (within +/- 2mm square for every panel) to a level of accuracy traditional building methods cannot replicate.


In just a few days Innofab can produce components for apartments, schools, multi-level buildings, and factory-built homes - and have them on site. 

Offsite manufacturing optimises building sequencing through enabling off-site construction to take place simultaneously with on-site work. 

Their in-factory setting means building time isn’t lost to variable weather and unproductive on-site building practices. 

Once the product reaches your site, installation times are dramatically reduced due to the accuracy achieved in early design stages.


Off-site manufacturing produces 70 percent less waste when compared to a traditional build. 

This is achieved throughout the lifecycle of your innofab build - from the design and detailing phase through to on-site installation.


Building with an off-site manufacturer reduces time spent at height onsite and minimises the need for heavy lifting, leading to fewer health and safety incidents. 

Because the majority of Innofab’s products arrive on site near completion - insulated, wired, windows in, etc - health and safety incidents relating to these services are also reduced.


Through the combination of our world-class technology and off-site expertise, Innofab is able to produce high quality buildings and prefabricated panels that traditional builders cannot replicate. 

Using high-quality LVL timber means Innofab buildings are less susceptible to bowing and twisting, and less likely to move over time as frames dry out.

Innofab operates under a comprehensive ISO9001 Quality Assurance Programme and is a recognised off-site manufacturer by the majority of councils throughout New Zealand.


Innofab eliminates the adage that projects go ‘over-time and over-budget’. 

From the outset, their customers know exactly what they’re getting, when they’re getting it and how much it will cost.

More cost effective

Innofab’s high-speed, high-quality volume production can increase your project’s productivity leading to greater profitability, and enabling you to use working capital more effectively.

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