Wed, 15 May 2024

Southbase joins the ranks of the world's best businesses

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We are proud to announce that Southbase has been named as one of Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies in 2023!


This programme celebrates outstanding private businesses by evaluating them against global benchmarks for success. These are strategy, cultural and commitment, capabilities and innovation, and governance and financials. Backed by a 30-year history and a proven framework, Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies has recognised excellence and connected around 1300 of the best private companies in over 45 countries around the world.

Some of the initiatives we’ve introduced recently include:

‒ Introducing Preformance, our innovative, independent project advisory company. They have pioneered multiple design methods and cutting-edge technology to achieve greater sustainability and efficiencies never before seen in NZ.

‒ Launching our revolutionary managing contractor model; proven to deliver world-class outcomes for clients, on time and on budget.

‒ Completing over $2 billion in projects which have greatly contributed to the education and health sectors, as well as positively impacting local communities. You can view these in the projects section of our website

‒ And recently purchasing an off-site manufacturing plant that will allow us to provide our clients with a fully integrated delivery model.

To accept the award, Southbase Group’s Executive Director Quin Henderson, CFO Ant Gale and COO Will Birch attended the ceremony. But achieving it is 100% a group effort, so we would like to acknowledge and thank our entire team for helping us. The dedication and hard work they put in every day not only elevates our business, but helps our clients achieve world-class construction outcomes, and furthers our vision to transform New Zealand’s construction sector for good.