Advancing our expertise in industrial construction, Southbase delivered this modern warehouse structure ahead of schedule.

Client Selwyn District Council

Dates August 2013 - March 2014

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 Key Project Facts


Southbase partnered with the Client from the feasibility stage of this project in order to deliver real cost and time savings to enable the realisation of the construction.

Innovative thinking and an agile approach to the build delivered ongoing efficiencies for the Client. This ‘can do’ attitude in terms of programme and methodology manifest itself on an ongoing basis, from material selection through to sustainable building practices and a fresh approach to scheduling and workflows throughout the project.

Challenges and Solutions

Budget, timeframe and weather were all significant challenges throughout this project.

In order to reduce costs, Southbase were heavily involved during the early phases to value engineer solutions regarding materials, scheduling and methodology.

Savings were achieved with the redesign of the foundation slab to incorporate the use of fibre as opposed to traditional steel reinforcing. Southbase also recommended the re-use of the aggregate on site in order to reduce cut and fill materials.

Environmental concerns regarding the North West wind also created many challenges. One solution to mitigate this risk was to pour the slab after the structure was erected to avoid the effects of the high winds.

A pragmatic approach and successful collaboration with the Client and all sub-contractors enabled Southbase to successfully deliver this project on time, on budget, and defect and incident free.