St John

St John

St John ‘Make Ready Hub’ will act as a central location to re-fill supplies, clean up and store equipment.

Client St John

Dates December 2015 - October 2016

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Key Project Facts


Southbase partnered with St John to deliver this purpose-built facility that had to meet strict budget and programme parameters. Meeting these challenges required an innovative approach to the build in terms of materials and methodologies.

The end product delivered for the Client showcases the tenacity and skill of the whole Southbase Team. Their ability to produce a multi-purpose structure on time and on budget with the highest construction quality has set a precedent for the development of future St John sites.



Challenges and Solutions

Southbase were brought into the project to oversee and co-ordinate the design and build, and were responsible for the co-ordination between the consultants, St John and sub-contractors for all aspects of the project from the site excavations through to completion.

With contamination and heritage considerations to overcome and address, the project required a high level of transparency and focus. Southbase also needed to facilitate considerable engagement and co-ordination with key stakeholders (including the public) during the project, and this was achieved via social media channels and a collection of public forums.

In partnership with Spanbild Projects, Southbase utilised ‘cold roller steel’ to construct the IL4 structure of the building. This structure has a clear span of 25m that allows St John free unencumbered access within the ‘make ready’ hub that also houses office and storage space.

This community facility was delivered on time and on budget to St John who is now using it as the benchmark for development of their sites nationwide.