Radcliffe Electrical

Radcliffe Electrical

An open and honest approach ensured a strong, collaborative relationship with the client to deliver the project on time and under budget.

Client Radcliffe Electrical

Dates June 2015 - April 2016

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Key Project Facts


Southbase was engaged as the Main Contractor on this project and, from the outset, worked collaboratively with the Client to deliver costs savings in the development.

The team took on the challenge of delivering the project within nine months, including the build, civil and landscaping works.

Historic ground contamination was a core issue for the Client and this required an effective and efficient solution developed by Southbase in collaboration with specialised sub-contractors.

A strong working relationship with the Client, and Southbase’s focus on delivery enabled this project to be completed on time and on budget.


Challenges and Solutions

Tight timeframes and problematic ground conditions demanded innovative thinking and a pragmatic approach from Southbase in terms of the methodology and programme for the project.

Complex excavation methods were developed and executed to address the discovery of contaminated material on the site. The upper layer of the contaminated fill was stockpiled on site allowing the clean fill underneath to be pulled out and taken off site. Once this was undertaken, the contaminated material could be buried deep under the new surface, hardfill was brought in to base up for the new structure, and the remaining fill was taken to landfill.

Site management was rigorous and this enabled the Southbase team to address this hazard in a professional and comprehensive manner, mitigating risks for the Client and protecting the project timeframe.

The Client was so satisfied with the construction process and outcome that they have committed to working with Southbase on all of their future projects nationwide.