Lane Neave

Lane Neave

Just as our client, Lane Neave "thrive on making complex issues simple for their clients", in the face of complex construction challenges the Southbase team found innovative solutions to deliver this stunning building in the heart of Christchurch.

Client Lane Neave

Dates December 2013 - July 2015

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Key Project Facts


This commercial building project delivered by Southbase incorporates design flair with structural innovation and craftsmanship to produce a complex and award-winning statement in built form.

Due to tight deadlines, the A-grade corporate office fit-out had to be completed while the base build was taking place. This requirement created many challenges that Southbase had to address and resolve throughout the project programme.

A high level of craftsmanship to achieve the desired finish created an award-winning interior fit-out that complemented the technically complex build process.

Challenges and Solutions

The Southbase Fit-out and Base Build Project Teams worked closely together to proactively minimise risk and to ensure optimal programme synergy and pace in order to complete the job in the required timeframe.

With an ambitious launch date set, Southbase took an innovative and pragmatic approach to the fit-out works so these could be accelerated in conjunction with the base build. This ensured handover of both the building and tenant space as per the Client’s requirements and expectations.

The use of an exposed structural system, including an exposed concrete ‘Double T’ ceiling, is enhanced through the use of planted internal green walls, textured concrete and exposed steel. This minimised the need for additional layers of finishing, while also improving the thermal performance of the building.