King Edward Barracks West End Carpark

King Edward Barracks West End Carpark

Taking the lead in fulfilling the District Energy Scheme for Christchurch, this building uses innovative and sustainable building solutions.

Client Ngai Tahu Properties

Dates February 2016 - January 2017

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Key Project Facts


Southbase worked collaboratively with the Client to deliver this multi-purpose building despite the challenges of climate, budget and programme. By value engineering the external façade and recommending pre-fabrication as a viable methodology, Southbase was able to accelerate the project schedule and thereby protect the Client’s budget.

The ability of the Southbase Team to adapt to weather conditions and their responsiveness to asbestos discoveries on site, mitigated risk for the Client and ensured that the project timeframes were in no way compromised.

Challenges and Solutions

This was a challenging project due to site access constraints and the impacts of a South Island Winter on the construction work.

To combat access issues and in order to reduce construction timeframes, Southbase recommended the use of pre-fabricated structural steel components within the building. Proactively responding to the challenges regarding the site and project timeframe ensured the integrity of the project budget and programme.

During construction, the accidental discovery of asbestos-containing material similarly demanded an efficient and pragmatic response from the Southbase Team. The removal of several containments of asbestos was successfully completed without any disruption to the critical path programme of the build.