Eleven Paora Apartments

Eleven Paora Apartments

Eleven Paora Apartments is a boutique apartment complex in the heart of Auckland’s popular suburb of Orakei. This 15-apartment complex consists of 1, 2, 3-bedroom apartments plus a multi-room penthouse suite.

Client Bud Living

Dates April 2019 - March 2021

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Eleven Paora Apartments are a high-end apartment complex in the heart of Orakei, Auckland.

Built on a tightly confined 900 sqm plot, the 5-storey plus basement comprises 15 luxurious apartments with varying configurations and a central elevator shaft. Each apartment provides outdoor living where balconies have frameless sliding glass panels to protect from the weather while still providing ventilation.

The exterior walls are made up of glass, architectural terracotta and zinc panels. Terracotta and anodised aluminium fins are strategically placed to filter views and provide visual privacy. The basement accommodates 25 vehicles in a mix of parking bays and a double parking system using car stackers.