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Southbase Construction, based in Christchurch, is a subsidiary company of HCG Group.  Southbase Construction’s major Shareholders are Ben Gough (Gough Group), Philip Carter (Carter Group) and Quin Henderson as Chief Executive. Governance of the Board is further enhanced by Board Chairman, John Holland (partner at the legal firm Chapman Tripp).

The Management Team of Southbase has been working together for over 10 years, with many of them having worked in the New Zealand construction industry in excess of 25 years.  The team has delivered some of the most well-known and admired public and private buildings across many sectors including, industrial, retail, community, education and commercial construction.

Southbase Construction has 52 office and site based managerial staff in Christchurch.

Additionally the company is supported by Southbase Labour, a fully owned subsidiary of Southbase Construction.  Southbase Labour currently has a direct and in-direct workforce of approximately 120 people, skilled in concrete and carpentry work.

Board Members

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John Holland

John is a chartered member of the Institute of Directors.

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Nicki Carter

Nicki has been General Counsel for the Carter Group since 2014.

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Philip Carter

Philip is the Managing Director of Carter Group, a property investment company.

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Brett Gamble

Brett is the CEO of the Ben Gough Family Office and Tailorspace Limited.

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Ben Gough

Ben is the Founder and Managing Director of the Ben Gough Family Office and Tailorspace.

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Nick Miller

Nick is a respected leader in the business community, with over 20 years experience within the construction and infrastructure fields.

National Leadership

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Chief Executive

Quin Henderson

Quin established Southbase in 2013.

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Financial Officer

Leon Brazier

Leon brings rigorous accountability and fiscal peace of mind to the Southbase team.

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Operations Manager

Richard Jack

Richard’s ability to get teams to achieve outstanding results is his trademark.

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Commercial Manager

Will Birch

Will works to ensure the “no surprises” policy of Southbase is adhered to.

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Compliance Manager

Carena Parish

Carena has worked closely with delivery teams responsible for Christchurch’s most sustainable buildings.

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Estimating Manager

Gavin Daeche

Gavin is highly skilled in project cost planning.

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Construction Manager

Shawn Cunningham

Shawn delivers high quality results.

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Innovation Manager

Tim Stark

Tim's goal is to ensure that Southbase has the right IT tools and uses them to bring the best outcomes.

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Financial Accountant

Debbie Jaeger

Debbie manages all aspects of Southbase’s financial reporting systems.

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HR Manager

Mathew Gallivan

Mathew manages people of different cultures and supports business leaders by translating their needs into the appropriate HR solution.

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Bid & Marketing Manager

Amanda Coffey

Amanda has worked in the construction industry for 14 years, gaining valuable experience with large commercial construction companies.

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Health & Safety Manager

Ken Rees

Ken works to ensure all our staff go home safe every day.